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Setting up a Memorial page   Go to the unclaimed memorial category page. If no unclaimed memorials are available, you may request more here. Before setting up a memorial, you should check if you need to purchase points in order to transfer the memorial to your customer. You can check your current points available by clicking on the upside-down partial white triangle located in the upper corner of your screen and select the Memorial Upgrades menu. Current point value is 1-pt = six months, 2-pts = two years and 3-pts = five years. under the unclaimed category click on the small gear icon and a drop-down box will appear.  Click on the Manage menu. On the details page, change the category from Unclaimed to Memorials. Remove the current funeral name and memorial id and put in the name of the person who the memorial is for (not the new owner) - Click Update Add information to the Welcome tab if provided. (Example: Welcome to Cindy Smith's celebration of life.  I hope you all post amazing pictures and stories about my wife.) - Click Update Add a photo of the person you are celebrating if provided under the Photo tab (if provided).  Photo and Cover images can be added later as well by the admin or owner of the group. Now that the memorial is set up, we need to add the new memorial owner to the website before making them an admin of the memorial.  First, you will send an invite through the link in the main menu to your secondary email address. A secondary email account (can be any email account like Yahoo, Bing, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) is needed for security (not logging into their personal email) and convenience (time savings in using your email).  Now, you cannot create a temporary second account for the new owner with your current email address you are using, so you must use a secondary email to set their account and transfer ownership to them through that secondary email account. After sending the invite to that secondary account, you will open a different browser than the one you sent an invite with and enter the secondary email address in the invite field. You will enter all the new owner's information except for the email address which you will still use your secondary email address that the invite was sent to. This would also be a good time to write down the password for the new owner.  After the registration fields are entered you will now need to verify this account. Log into the secondary email account and open up the second email (subject - Please verify your email for) and copy the link in that email and paste it in the browser URL area you are using for the memorial owner account.  After you have pasted that link and hit enter and log in as the memorial owner, the temporary email account and the memorial account should be verified. After the memorial owner's account has been verified, you will be directed to the memorial page.  To transfer the current memorial to this user, you must first upgrade this user to a Memorial Owner.  On the browser which you have the memorial owner set up on, go to the memorial owner's profile page by clicking on the colored circle in the upper right corner with the two-letter initials on it (should be the initials of the new owner you just verified).  Now, copy the URL of that memorial owner browser page and paste it in the browser you are currently logged into as the funeral home (you do not have to open an additional tab, you can paste over whatever page you are currently located on as the funeral home).  After you have pasted the memorial owner's profile URL and hit enter, you will be directed to the memorial owner's profile page on the browser you are currently logged in on as the funeral home.  As you can see their profile is currently private, but you can still upgrade this user by transferring points to this memorial owner by clicking on the three dots located on the right side of the screen across from the name. Once you click on the three dots icon a menu will pop up.  Click on the Upgrade this User menu link.  A new window will appear for you to transfer the correct amount of points (see step 5) to this memorial owner to pay for the subscription for the memorial. Now, go back to the browser with the memorial owner is logged into and paste the following URL ( ) over the current page and select the correct subscription based on the subscription points you transferred to this user. Make sure to click on Manual Renew to give he owner the option to renew or not when the subscription ends. After you click the Next button, click on the lower button called Purchase with Upgrades button.  The text below the button confirms whether you have transferred enough upgrade points for this subscription. If you now click on the upside-down partial white triangle you will see below the user's name this user has been upgraded from a registered user to a memorial owner.  Now click on the Memorials menu link.  You will see that although the user has been upgraded as a memorial owner, we still need to transfer the memorial over to this user's account. Next, the memorial owner will have to become friends to the funeral home to transfer the Memorial.  You can only do this on the browser where the memorial owner is logged in as.  Click on the main menu Invite link, and send an invite to the funeral home email address (which is the current email address you are using to log in to this site as the funeral home. Once you send the invite, the system will come up saying "The following users are already a member of our community " and below that statement will be a link to Add to Friends.  You now will send a friend request to the funeral home, which needs to be accepted on the browser where the funeral home is logged in as. Go back over to the browser you are logged in as a funeral home and you should see a friend request notification in the upper right corner on the far left of the rows of icons in the corner.  Click on the two-person icon and a drop-down box will appear.  Click on the check icon in the notification box and you now become friends with the memorial owner which can be helpful later on if they have questions. To transfer the Memorial, click on the Memorial main menu link and find the memorial you wish to transfer.  You can either click on the image or name and then click on the gear wheel icon on the right side of the screen or a short cut would just click on the gear wheel icon on the main memorial page you are currently located on.  If you use this page, make sure you are clicking on the correct gear wheel icon.  You have the image on top with their name listed below on the left and the gear wheel icon below the image on the right.  Once you click on that gear wheel icon, a drop-down will appear.  Click on the Reassign Owner menu link and a pop-up box will appear.  Type in the new memorial owner's name into the field called "Search friends by their name" and when their name appears, click on their name and click submit.  Another pop-up box will appear asking if you are sure.  Click yes and the process is now complete. Now go back over to the browser where the memorial owner is logged in as, and click on the main menu link called Memorials to verify the transfer is correct. Once the new memorial owner gives you the email they want to use you can go to the account settings and change the email from your temporary email to their email (you could have several temporary emails if you find your customers don't have an email and need to set one up.  In which they would have to log in later under your temporary email and change it themselves.  If you do change it now to their email (don't forget to click the save button after you change their email address in account settings), they will have to log into their email whether on their phone or at home and re-verify their new email address by clicking on the verification link in the email titled "Please verify your email for: Area Memorial".  Once they verify their email they will log in using their email and the password you provided or they gave you when setting up the account.  Make sure to write down their email and their password before they leave as well as website URL, and inform them that .com is not part of the domain name.
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Unclaimed Memorials Go to the memorial page and if you already purchased memorials they will be located under the category called Unclaimed Memorials.   Unedited