What is the benefits of using a Memorial Page:

  • Privacy
  1. Only the owner and or additional admins of the memorial can invite members into the memorial page.
  2. The ability to remove members from the memorial page at any time.
  3. Members can set photo privacy where only memorial owner can view the photo.


  • Memories

  1. Members are able to create life stories that can include an image and a written memory/story of the image.

  2. Members are able to post events, like a family gathering to celebrate their loved one's life.

  3. Members are able to post MP3 audio recordings (example: the loved one playing guitar or their favorite song).

  4. Members are able to post pictures as well as organize them in albums.

  5. Members are able to post YouTube videos to the memorial (If you upload the video to YouTube make sure to set it as unlisted for privacy).


Memorial Home Page Information:

  • Group Info box consists of the name of the owner, the date the memorial was created, and a small welcome type message that the owner can change at any time.
  • Admin Info box lists the admins for this memorial.
  • Members Info box list the members for this memorial.
  • Stories box shows the current temporary stories members posted.
  • Event Info box will shot the date, time, and address of the event.


Memorial Home Page Menus:

  • Home menu is the main page for the memorial page.
  • Members menu shows a visual list of members for this memorial.  Once on this page, you be able to see all members as well any pending requests.  You also you this page to remove any members you no longer want access to the memorial page.
  • Life Stories menu displays memories/stories the members and admins post about your loved one.
  • Events menu display any events you may have set up.  This could be a family get together, or some other events for current members need to know about.
  • Discussions menu is your own private forum between all members of the memorial.
  • Music/Audio menu gives members the ability to upload MP3 audio files to the memorial page.
  • Photos menu gives members the ability to see uploaded photos through the home page to the memorial as well as the ability to upload photos through this page.
  • Video menu gives members the ability to see posted YouTube videos as well as the ability to post YouTube video URLs.



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